Specify information needed to generate code for signal


Simulink® software creates an instance of this class for each instance of a Simulink.Signal object that it creates. Simulink software uses the Simulink.SignalCoderInfo object to store information needed to generate code for the signal specified by the Simulink.Signal object.

You can set the properties of an instance of this class via the CoderInfo property or the property dialog box of the Simulink.Signal object that uses it. For example, the following MATLAB® expression sets the StorageClass property of a Simulink.SignalCoderInfo object named mysignal.

mysignal.CoderInfo.StorageClass = 'exportedGlobal';

Property Dialog Box

Use the Code Generation Options section of the Simulink.Signal property dialog box to set the StorageClass, Alias, and Alignment properties of objects of this class.





Alternate name for this signal.


Data alignment boundary for this signal. See Data Alignment for Code Replacement in the Embedded Coder® documentation for more information.


Custom storage class attributes of this signal. See Introduction to Custom Storage Classes in the Embedded Coder documentation for more information.


Custom storage class of this signal.


Storage class of this signal. For more information, see Signals in the Simulink Coder™ documentation.

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