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Regenerate profiler report from data, ProfileData, saved from previous run




When you run a model with the profiler enabled, the simulation generates the data and saves it in the variable, model_nameProfileData. slprofreport(model_nameProfileData) generates a profiler report based on the data in model_nameProfileData, saved from the model run.

Input Arguments


Variable that contains profiler data from a model run. The variable name consists of the model name and ProfileData, for example, vdpProfileData.

Default: None


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Regenerate the Profiler report for model vdp

In the MATLAB® Command Window, start the vdp model.

In the Simulink® editor window, run vdp model with Simulink Profiler enabled.

Simulink stores the data to the variable vdpProfileData.

To review the report, in the MATLAB Command Window


The Simulink Profiler Report window is displayed.

Introduced in R2012a

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