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Debugging options in effect



Display a list of the debugging options in effect.


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Start the debugger with vdp. The command prompt changes to the Simulink® debugger prompt (sldebug @0): >>.

sldebug 'vdp'

Display the debugging status.

Current simulation time                    : 0 (MajorTimeStep)
Solver needs reset                         : no
Solver derivatives cache needs reset       : no
Zero crossing signals cache needs reset    : no
Default command to execute on return/enter : ""
Break at zero crossing events              : disabled
Break on solver error                      : disabled
Break on failed integration step           : disabled
Time break point                           : disabled
Break on non-finite (NaN,Inf) values       : disabled
Break on solver reset request              : disabled
Display level for disp, trace, probe       : 1 (i/o, states)
Solver trace level                         : 0
Algebraic loop tracing level               : 0
Animation Mode                             : off
Execution Mode                             : Normal
Display level for etrace                   : 0 (disabled)
Break points                               : none installed
Display points                             : none installed

Introduced before R2006a

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