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Display current location of simulation in simulation loop


where [detail]
w [detail]


The where command displays the current location of the simulation in the simulation loop, for example,

The display consists of a list of simulation nodes with the last entry being the node that is about to be entered or exited. Each entry contains the following information:

  • Method ID

    The method ID identifies a specific invocation of a method.

  • A symbol specifying its state:

    • >> (active)

    • >|(about to be entered)

    • <|(about to be exited)

  • Name of the method invoked (e.g., RootSystem.Start)

  • Name of the block or system on which the method is invoked (e.g., Sum)

  • System and block ID (sysIdx:blkIdx) of the block on which the method is invoked

    For example, 0:8 indicates that the specified method operates on block 8 of system 0.

where detail, where detail is any nonnegative integer, includes inactive nodes in the display.

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Introduced before R2006a

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