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Generate or import signal data blocks such Sine Wave and From Workspace


Constant Generate constant value
Ground Ground unconnected input port
Inport Create input port for subsystem or external input
Sine Wave Generate sine wave, using simulation time as time source
Band-Limited White Noise Introduce white noise into continuous system
Chirp Signal Generate sine wave with increasing frequency
Clock Display and provide simulation time
Counter Free-Running Count up and overflow back to zero after reaching maximum value for specified number of bits
Counter Limited Count up and wrap back to zero after outputting specified upper limit
Digital Clock Output simulation time at specified sampling interval
Enumerated Constant Generate enumerated constant value
From File Load data from MAT-file
From Spreadsheet Read data from spreadsheet
Pulse Generator Generate square wave pulses at regular intervals
Ramp Generate constantly increasing or decreasing signal
Random Number Generate normally distributed random numbers
Repeating Sequence Generate arbitrarily shaped periodic signal
Repeating Sequence Interpolated Output discrete-time sequence and repeat, interpolating between data points
Repeating Sequence Stair Output and repeat discrete time sequence
Signal Builder Create and generate interchangeable groups of signals whose waveforms are piecewise linear
Signal Generator Generate various waveforms
Step Generate step function
Uniform Random Number Generate uniformly distributed random numbers
Waveform Generator Output waveforms using signal notations
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