Input and Output Specifications

Output size, data type, complexity, discrete state, input propagation, and sample time inheritance for System object™


getOutputSizeImpl Sizes of output ports
getOutputDataTypeImpl Data types of output ports
isOutputComplexImpl Complexity of output ports
isOutputFixedSizeImpl Fixed- or variable-size output ports
getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl Discrete state size, data type, and complexity
allowModelReferenceDiscreteSampleTimeInheritanceImpl Model reference sample time inheritance status for discrete sample times
propagatedInputComplexity Complexity of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputDataType Data type of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputFixedSize Fixed-size status of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputSize Size of input during Simulink propagation


matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.Propagates Signal characteristics propagation mixin class
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