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What Are Scope Blocks, Signal Viewers, Test Points and Signal Logging?

Scope blocks, signal viewers, test points, and signal logging provide ways for you to display and capture results from your simulations.

Symbols on your block diagram represent the various data display and data capture methods.

Scope viewers are different from Scope blocks. The following behaviors that are specific to scope viewers.

  • Scope viewers do not work with Simulink® Report Generator™.

  • Not all viewer features are supported when you simulate your model in Rapid Accelerator mode.

  • The Help button for a signal viewer is located on the viewer parameters dialog box for a specific viewer type. For more information, see Scope Viewer Parameters Dialog Box.

Scope Block and Scope Viewer Differences

Use Scope blocks and Scope viewers to display simulation results, but they have different characteristics.

CharacteristicScope ViewerScope Block

Attaches to a signal using the Signal Selector or signal context menu

See Signal Selector and Scope Viewer Context Menu.

Dragged from the Library Browser


Centrally managed from the Signal and Scope Manager

See Signal and Scope Manager.

Individually managed

Access to signalsAll signals inside the model hierarchy, including referenced models and Stateflow® charts.Signals wired to the Scope block. Access signals at different levels of a model hierarchy using GoTo blocks.
Signals per axis


One nonbus signal per axis or multiple signals combined through a Mux or a Bus Connector block

Axes per scope


See Create Multiple Axes.


Data logging

Saves data to a signal logging object

See Save Simulation Data With Scope Viewer.

Saves data to a MATLAB® variable as a structure or array

Why Use Scope Viewers Instead of Scope Blocks?

Use Scope viewers instead of Scope blocks when you want to:

  • Attach a viewer deep within a model hierarchy using a context menu or using a hierarchical list of signals.

  • Centrally manage all viewers in your model. See Signal and Scope Manager.

  • Reduce clutter in your block diagram. Because viewers attach directly to signals, you don't have to route the signals to a Scope block. This results in fewer crossing signal lines in your block diagram. You can delete all viewers from the Signal & Scope Manager

  • View data from referenced models and Stateflow charts. See Test Points.

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