About Simulink Enumerations

Simulink® enumerations are built on enumerations defined for the MATLAB® language. They are subclasses of the abstract superclass Simulink.IntEnumType, and inherit from that superclass the capabilities necessary to be used in the Simulink environment.

Before you begin to use enumerations in a modeling context, you should understand information provided in Enumerations.

The following examples show how to use enumerations in Simulink and Stateflow®.

ExampleShows How To Use...
Data Typing in SimulinkData Typing in SimulinkData types in Simulink, including enumerated data types
Modeling a CD Player/Radio Using Enumerated Data TypesModeling a CD Player/Radio Using Enumerated Data TypesEnumerated data types in a Simulink model that contains a Stateflow chart

For information on using enumerations in Stateflow, see Enumerated Data.

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