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Add Libraries to the Library Browser

Display a Library in the Library Browser

  1. Create a folder in the MATLAB® path for the top-level library and its sublibraries.

    You must store each top-level library that you want to appear in the Library Browser in its own folder on the MATLAB path. Two top-level libraries cannot exist in the same folder.

  2. Create or copy the top-level library and its sublibraries into the folder you created in the MATLAB path.

  3. In the folder for the top-level library, include a slblocks.m file.

    The approach you use to create the slblocks.m file depends on your requirements for describing the library:

    • If a minimal slblocks.m file meets your needs, then create a new slblocks.m file, based on the example below

    • If you want to describe the library more fully, consider copying an existing slblocks.m file to use as a template, editing the copy to describe your library (see below).

Example of a Minimal slblocks.m File

To display a library in the Library Browser, at a minimum you must include these lines (adjusted to describe your library; comments are not required) in the slblocks.m file.

function blkStruct = slblocks
  % Specify that the product should appear in the library browser
  % and be cached in its repository
  Browser.Library = 'mylib';
  Browser.Name    = 'My Library';
  blkStruct.Browser = Browser;

Add More Descriptive Information in slblocks.m

You can review other descriptive information you may wish to include in your slblocks.m file by examining the comments in the Simulink® library slblocks.m file: matlabroot/toolbox/simulink/blocks/slblocks.mmatlabroot/toolbox/simulink/blocks/slblocks.m.

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