Check Dependencies Results and Resolve Problems

If dependency analysis finds problems, Simulink® Project displays the problem files. The search box shows that the list is filtered to show only problem files.

The list reports dependent files to review because they are required by the project but not currently in the project or missing from the file system.

  1. Click each file in the Problem list.

    The lower pane displays the files that use the selected file, under Upstream Dependencies: filename.

    Check the message in the Problem Description column.

These are some of the actions you can take to resolve problems after running a dependency analysis:

  • In the dependencies table, check the Problem Description and Project Status of dependent files.

  • To open the referencing component for editing, right-click a file in the Upstream Dependencies: filename table and select Open. MATLAB® files open in the MATLAB Editor, and Simulink models open in the Model Editor with the block highlighted.

  • Check the Path, where $ indicates the project root. Check if required files are outside your project root—you cannot add these files to your project. This dependency might not indicate a problem if the file is on your path and is a utility or other resource that is not part of your project. Use dependency analysis to ensure that you understand the design dependencies.

    You do not necessarily need to add all required files to the project. For example, you can exclude derived S-Function binary files that the source code in your project generates. See Work with Derived Files in Projects.

  • To remove a file from the Problem list without adding it to the project, right-click the file and select Add External File. The file disappears from the Problem list. Next time you run dependency analysis, this file does not appear in the Problem list. To view all external files, click the Show only external files button .

  • If you need a file outside the project root in your project, copy or move it within the project root, and add it the project and the path. Remember to remove the original file location from the path.

  • Clear the search box to view all identified dependencies, not just problem files.

      Note:   If you clear the search box, you can return to viewing only problem files or external files by clicking the toolbar buttons to the right of the search box.

  • Click the Impact view to investigate your project dependencies graphically. See Perform Impact Analysis.

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