Choose Files and Run Dependency Analysis

    Note:   You can analyze only files within your project. If your project is new, you must add files to the project before running dependency analysis. See Add Files to the Project.

  1. In Simulink® Project, click Dependency Analysis in the Project tree.

    Files in your project are listed.

  2. Select the check boxes in the Include column for the files you want to analyze.

      Tip   To include or exclude all files, press Ctrl+A to select all files, then right-click and select Include or Exclude.

      Note:   If you use the search box or Filter button to select the files to display, a message appears if the filter hides files selected for analysis. To show all files selected for analysis, click the Show only included files button .

  3. If you want to include requirements documents, on the Dependency Analysis tab, click Options and select Find requirements documents. Finding requirements documents can be time consuming. See Find Requirements Documents in a Project.

  4. If you want to analyze the dependencies of external toolboxes, select Options > Analyze External Toolboxes.

    After you analyze dependencies in the project one time, the project performs incremental updates when you analyze again. However, if you update external toolboxes and want to discover dependency changes in them, you must turn off the option Options > Perform Incremental Updates.

  5. On the Dependency Analysis tab, click Analyze.

    The view changes to the Dependencies view and displays the results in list form.

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