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Configure Your Model for Concurrent Execution

Follow these steps to configure your Simulink® model to take advantage of concurrent execution.

  1. Open your model.

  2. Open Model Explorer and expand the node for the model. Under the model, right-click Configuration, then select Show Concurrent Execution options.

  3. Select the Allow tasks to execute concurrently on target check box in the Solver pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. Selection of this check box is optional for models referenced in the model hierarchy. When you select this option for a referenced model, Simulink allows each rate in the referenced model to execute as an independent concurrent task on the target processor.

  4. Clear the MAT-file logging check box in the All Parameters tab.

  5. Choose Fixed-step for the Type and auto (Automatic solver selection) for the Solver in Configuration Parameters > Solver > Solver options.

Once you have a model that executes concurrently on your computer, you can further configure your model in the following ways.

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