Convert Subsystem Blocks to Variant Subsystem Blocks

You can convert a Subsystem block or Configurable Subsystems block to a Variant Subsystem block.

Right-click the block to and select Subsystem & Model Reference > Convert Subsystem to > Variant Subsystem.

During conversion, Simulink® performs the following operations:

  • Replaces the Subsystem block with a Variant Subsystem block, preserving ports and connections.

  • Adds the original subsystem as a variant choice in the Variant Subsystem block.

  • Overrides the Variant Subsystem block to use the subsystem that was originally the active choice.

  • Preserves links to libraries. For linked subsystems, Simulink adds the linked subsystem as a variant choice.

    Simulink also preserves the subsystem block masks, and it copies the masks to the variant choice.

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