Create a New Project from an Archived Project

To create a new project from an archived project:

  1. From MATLAB®, on the Home tab, in the File section, select New > Simulink Project.

  2. In the start page, under Projects in the left list, click Archive.

  3. In the Extract Project from Zip File dialog box, specify:

    • In the Zip file field, the location of the archived project.

    • In the Project folder field, the location of the new project. For example, C:\myNewProject.

  4. Click Extract.

    The new project opens. The current working folder, for example, C:\myNewProject, contains the imported project folders.

    If the archived project contains referenced projects, Simulink® Project imports files into two subfolders, mains and refs. The current working folder, for example, C:\myNewProject\main contains the project folders and C:\myNewProject\refs contains the referenced project folders.

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