Create a New Project Using Templates

In Simulink® Project, you can apply one or more templates when creating a project.

  1. To browse for templates, on the Simulink Project tab, select New > Choose Template.

    The Select a Template dialog box opens.

  2. Click a template in the list to read the description. For example, click Project Environment.

  3. Click the Files tab to view the file names in the template.

  4. If your templates do not appear, locate them by clicking Browse. All project templates (*.sltx) on the MATLAB® path appear in the dialog box.

  5. Click Select to use the template and return to the New Project dialog box.

  6. You can click Add to choose additional templates to apply to the same project.

  7. Simulink Project warns you if there are any conflicts between templates or with existing files in the selected project folder. If the dialog box reports any conflicts, click View Conflicts to examine them.

    The Project Preview dialog box opens.

  8. Examine the conflicted files, shown in red with a warning icon. If you are applying multiple templates and they conflict, you can choose template priority. To change which template to use when there is a conflict, select a template and click Move Up or Move Down to change priority. Your choice of template priorities applies to all conflicts.

    The figure shows a combination of files from two example templates. In this case, the project paths are not compatible. Ensure you choose compatible files when you combine templates.

  9. When you are satisfied with the priority order for conflicted files, click Apply.

  10. In the New Project dialog box, specify your project folder and click Create to create the new project using the selected templates.

      Note:   If you create a project in a folder that already contains files, a warning appears if there are any conflicts with the template. The template overwrites the existing files only if you choose to continue.

You can select recently used project templates direct from the New menu in either MATLAB or the Simulink Project. For example, to use the Project Environment template, from the MATLAB Home tab, select New > Simulink Project > Project Environment.

On the Simulink Project tab, select a template from the New list under Templates

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