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Create an Annotation

In this example, you create this annotation:

Add and Lay Out an Annotation

  1. Open the sldemo_foucault model.

  2. Open the Property Inspector if it is not open. Select View > Property Inspector.

  3. Delete the two annotations below the model.

  4. Double-click to add an annotation, and type Background.

  5. Drag a corner to resize the annotation so that it is about the width of the model and about twice as tall.

  6. In the Property Inspector, under Appearance, select Shadow. Under Internal Margin, set each of the margins to 10.

Add a Hyperlink and Format Text

  1. To create a blank line and a new paragraph, place the cursor after the word Background and press Enter twice.

  2. Enter this text: This model represents a Foucault pendulum.

  3. Select the text Foucault pendulum and select Hyperlink from the context menu.

  4. In the Hyperlink dialog box, in the Code box, enter en.wikipedia/wiki/Foucault_pendulum and click OK.

  5. Select the text Background. Using the formatting toolbar, make the text bold and font size12.

Add a Bullet List

  1. Place the cursor at the end of the paragraph with the hyperlink and press Enter twice.

  2. In the new paragraph, add this text:

    The pendulum can be modeled as a point mass suspended on a wire of length L. The pendulum is located at the geographical latitude lambda. It is convenient to use these reference frames:

  3. Press Enter. Type * and press the spacebar to start a bullet list.

  4. In the bullet item, enter:

    The inertial frame I (relative to the center of the Earth).
  5. Press Enter. For the second bullet, enter this text and press Enter.

    The non-inertial frame N (relative to an observer on Earth's surface). The non-inertial frame accelerates as a result of rotation.

  6. Delete the empty bullet.

Copy and Paste a Web Image

  1. In an SVG-enabled browser (such as Google® Chrome), open the Foucault pendulum example.

  2. In the Analysis and Physics section, copy the image of the two frames.

  3. In the annotation, place the cursor in a new paragraph below the second bullet. Paste the image.

Add a Numbered List

  1. Place the cursor after the image and press Enter twice.

  2. In the new paragraph, enter Interact with the Model. Press Enter twice.

  3. In the new paragraph, right-click and select Paragraph > Numbering > Decimal Dot.

  4. For the first step, enter Open the model.

  5. For the second step, enter:

    Use MATLAB workspace variables to examine and modify initial conditions (g, L, initial conditons, Omega, and lambda).
  6. For the third step, enter Simulate the model.

  7. Select the text Interact with the Model. Using the formatting toolbar, make the text bold and set the size to 12.

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