Create Shortcuts to Frequent Tasks

Create Shortcuts

In Simulink® Project, create shortcuts for common project tasks and to make it easy to find and access important files and operations. For example, find and open top models, run startup code (for example, to load data), simulate models, or run shutdown code.

To create a shortcut to an existing project file, use any of the following methods:

  • Right-click the file in the All Files View or Project Files View and select Create Shortcut > General, or ShortcutGroupName.

  • Click New on the Project Shortcuts tab on the toolstrip and browse to select a file.

The shortcut appears on the Project Shortcuts tab on the toolstrip.

You can create new shortcuts interactively only in the Simulink Project, but you can get and view your shortcuts at the command line. For details, see Query Shortcuts.

    Note:   Shortcuts are included when you commit your modified files to source control, so you can share shortcuts with other project users.

Group Shortcuts

You can group shortcuts to organize them by type. For example, you can group shortcuts for loading data, opening models, generating code, and running tests.

By default, new shortcuts appear in the General group on the Project Shortcuts toolstrip tab and in the Shortcut Management view.

Create new shortcut groups to organize your shortcuts:

  • Right-click in the Shortcut Groups pane and select Create New Shortcut Group. Enter a name for the group and click OK.

    The new shortcut group appears in the Shortcut Groups pane.

  • Alternatively, click New in the Project Shortcuts tab. Right-click in the Select a Shortcut Group pane to create a new group.

To organize your shortcuts by group, either:

  • In the All Files or Project Files views, right-click a file and select Create Shortcut > ShortcutGroupName.

  • In the Shortcut Management view, drag a shortcut group onto a file from the Shortcut Groups pane, or right-click a file and select Set Shortcut Group > ShortcutGroupName.

The shortcuts are organized by group in the Project Shortcuts tab and in the Shortcut Management view.

To change shortcut group, in the Shortcut Management view, drag a different group onto the file, or right-click and select Set Shortcut Group > GroupName.

Annotate Shortcuts to Use Meaningful Names

Annotating shortcuts makes their purpose visible, without changing the file name or location of the script or model the shortcut points to. For example, you can change a cryptic file name to a useful string for the shortcut name.

In the Shortcut Management view, right-click and select Rename to edit the Shortcut Name column. The Shortcut Name does not affect the file name or location.

Your specified Shortcut Name appears on the Project Shortcuts tab, to make it easier to find your shortcuts.

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