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Create A Simulation Data Inspector Report

You can create a Simulation Data Inspector report of your data in either the Inspect or Compare pane. The report is an HTML file that includes information about all the signals in the active pane and all the plots. To generate a Simulation Data Inspector Report:

  1. In the Simulation Data Inspector, click Create Report.

  2. Under Include in report, specify the type of report you would like to create.

    • Select Inspect Signals to include the plots and signals from the Inspect pane.

    • Select Compare Runs to include the data and plots from the Compare pane. When you generate a Compare Runs report, you can choose to Report only mismatched signals or to Report all signals. If you select Report only mismatched signals, the report shows only signal comparisons that are not within the specified tolerances.

  3. Specify File name the report and navigate to the Folder where you want to save it.

  4. Click Create Report.

    The generated report automatically opens in your default browser.

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