Explore the Example Templates

Example templates are supplied with Simulink® Project. You can use these templates as example structures for a new project. The templates include:

  • The Project Environment template, which shows how to set up a project with a preconfigured structure and utilities to configure the environment with startup and shutdown shortcuts.

  • The Code Generation Example template, which shows how to set up a project with settings for production code generation of a plant and controller. This template requires Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder®.

You can explore the templates using the Select a Template dialog box.

  1. On the Simulink Project tab, in the File section, select New > Choose Template.

  2. Select the template you want to explore.

  3. Read the description for detailed information about the template.

  4. Click the Files tab and explore the utilities and other files provided.

To try the example templates, select them when creating a new project. See Create a New Project Using Templates.

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