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Example templates are supplied with Simulink® Project. You can use these templates as example structures for a new project. The templates include:

  • The Blank Project template, which creates an empty project. Use this to manage existing files. As your project grows, the project helps you manage all your files as a unit. For example, the project can keep track of files as you add them, manage the path, provide shortcuts, run startup and shutdown scripts, help you rename and move files, warn you about shadowed files and unsaved changes, and optionally, add source control.

  • The Simple Project template, which creates a simple project containing a blank model. After you use the template to create the project, the model has a shortcut so that you can open it from the toolstrip. The project manages your path and the location of the temporary files (slprj folder) when you open and close the project. As your project grows, the project helps you manage all your files as a unit.

  • The Code Generation template, which shows how to get started with production code generation using plant and controller models. The controller settings are optimized for code efficiency. After you create the project, run the project shortcut "Generate Controller Code" to generate code and display a report.

      Tip   If you want model templates suitable for code generation instead of the project template, try entering "code generation" in the start page search box.

    This template requires Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder®.

You can explore the templates using the Simulink start page. See Create a New Project Using Templates.

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