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Import Data

You can import data from the base workspace or a MAT-file into the Simulation Data Inspector for inspection and analysis.

To import data into the Simulation Data Inspector:

  1. Click Import on the Visualize tab.

  2. Select the origin of your data as either Base workspace or MAT-file.

    Data available for import populates the table when the source is specified. Here, data from the base workspace is shown.

  3. Select whether you would like to import the data as a new run or to an existing run. When you select the Existing run option, the Simulation Data Inspector adds the data to the existing run without overwriting any existing signals.

  4. Mark the check boxes next to the signals you would like to import into the Simulation Data Inspector.

  5. Click Import.

    The imported signals appear in the Inspect pane as a new run or as new signals appended to the specified existing run.

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