Import Simulink.Timeseries and Simulink.TsArray Data

Use MATLAB Timeseries for New Models

For new models, have root-level Inport block or Trigger blocks import MATLAB® timeseries data.

However, you can import existing Simulink.Timeseries object data. Importing Simulink.Timeseries objects allows you to import data logged by a previous simulation run that used the ModelDataLogs format for signal logging (see Export Signal Data Using Signal Logging).

Simulink.TsArray Data

Objects of the Simulink.TsArray class have a variable number of properties. The first property, called Name, specifies the log name of the logged signal. The remaining properties reference logs for the elements of the logged signal: Simulink.Timeseries objects for elementary signals and Simulink.TsArrayobjects for mux or bus signals. The name of each property is the log name of the corresponding signal.

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