Interact with a Running Simulation

You can perform certain operations interactively while a simulation is running. You can do the following:

  • Modify some configuration parameters, including the stop time and the maximum step size

  • Click a line to see the signal carried on that line on a floating (unconnected) Scope or Display block

  • Modify the parameters of a block, as long as you do not cause a change in the:

    • Number of states, inputs, or outputs

    • Sample time

    • Number of zero crossings

    • Vector length of any block parameters

    • Length of the internal block work vectors

    • Dimension of any signals

  • Display block data tips (see Block Tool Tips)

You cannot make changes to the structure of the model, such as adding or deleting lines or blocks, during a simulation. To make these kinds of changes, stop the simulation, make the change, then start the simulation again to see the results of the change.

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