Limitations of the Simulation Data Inspector

  • The following Simulink® data export formats are not supported if the time is not logged:

    • Structure: If the structure format does not contain sample time information, then structure format signals in the Simulation Data Inspector display using ZOH interpolation.

    • Array

  • If you simulate a model with the simulation mode set to Rapid Accelerator, then the following cannot be streamed into the Simulation Data Inspector:

    • Multi-instance model reference signals

    • Nonvirtual bus signals

  • When you simulate and stream data from the Simulink Editor or send logged data from the base workspace, after you open the Simulation Data Inspector, the simulation data appears in the Runs pane. However, when you simulate a model at the command line using sim, use the Simulink.sdi.createRun function to view the simulation data in the Simulation Data Inspector. For more information, see Create a Run in the Simulation Data Inspector.

  • The Simulation Data Inspector allows up to 8000 channels per signal in a run created from imported workspace data.

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