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Load Data to Root-Level Input Ports

You can load data from a workspace to a root-level inport modeled using one of these blocks.

  • Inport block

  • Enable block

  • Trigger block that has an edge-based (rising, falling, or either) trigger type

These blocks import data from the workspace based on the value of the Configuration Parameters > Data Import/Export > Input parameter.

If you use a Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object that includes a object as an element, then the data stored in persistent storage is streamed in from a file. For more information, see Load Big Data for Simulations.

    Tip:   To import many signals to root-level input ports, consider using the Root Inport Mapper tool. For more information, see Map Root Inport Signal Data.

You can also import data from a workspace using a From Workspace block. For details, see the From Workspace documentation and Import Data for an Input Test Case.

Loading the Data

Use the Configuration Parameters > Data Import/Export > Input parameter to load data from a workspace and apply it to the root-level input ports of a model during a simulation run.

    Note:   The use of the Input box is independent of the setting of the Format list on the Data Import/Export pane.

Simulink® linearly interpolates or extrapolates input values as necessary if you select the Interpolate data option for the corresponding Inport, Enable, or Trigger block.

Simulink resolves symbols used in the external input specification as described in Symbol Resolution. See the documentation of the sim command for some data import capabilities that are available only for programmatic simulation.

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