Mask Terminology

Terminology Table

Mask iconThe masked block icon generated using drawing commands. This icon may be static or change dynamically with underlying block parameter values.
Mask parametersParameters defined in the Mask Editor that link to underlying block parameters. Setting a mask parameter sets the corresponding block parameter.
Mask initialization codeMATLAB® code that initializes a masked block or reflects current parameter values.
Mask callback codeMATLAB code that runs when the value of a mask parameter changes. Use callback code to modify a mask dialog box to reflect current parameter values.
Mask documentationDescription and usage information for a masked block defined in the Mask Editor.
Mask dialogA dialog box that contains fields for setting mask parameter values and provides mask description.
Mask workspaceMasks that define mask parameters or contain initialization code have a mask workspace. This workspace stores mask parameters and temporary values used by the mask.

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