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About Configuration Sets

What Is a Configuration Set?

A configuration set comprises groups of related parameters called components. Every configuration set includes the following components:

  • Solver

  • Data Import/Export

  • Optimization

  • Diagnostics

  • Hardware Implementation

  • Model Referencing

  • Simulation Target

Some MathWorks® products that work with Simulink®, such as Simulink Coder™, define additional components. If such a product is installed on your system, the configuration set also contains the components that the product defines.

When you select any model configuration, the Model Configuration dialog appears in the Model Explorer Dialog pane. In this location, you can edit the name and description of your configuration.

What Is a Freestanding Configuration Set?

A freestanding configuration set is a configuration set object, Simulink.ConfigSet, stored in the base workspace. To use a freestanding configuration set as the configuration for a model, you must create a configuration reference in the model that references it. You can create a freestanding configuration set in the base workspace in these ways:

  • Create a new configuration set object.

  • Copy a configuration set that resides within a model to the base workspace.

  • Load a configuration set from a MAT-file.

You can store any number of configuration sets in the base workspace by assigning each set to a different MATLAB® variable.

    Note:   Although you can store a configuration set in a model and point to it with a base workspace variable, such a configuration set is not freestanding. Using it in a configuration reference causes an error.

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