Operate on Existing Masks

Change a Block Mask

You can change an existing mask by reopening the Mask Editor and using the same techniques that you used to create the mask:

  1. Select the masked block.

  2. Select Mask > Edit Mask.

The Mask Editor reopens, showing the existing mask definition. Change the mask as needed. After you change a mask, be sure to save the model before closing it, or the changes will be lost.

View Mask Parameters

To display a mask dialog box, double-click the block. Alternatively, right-click the block and select Mask > Mask Parameters or click Diagram > Mask > Mask Parameters.

    Tip   Each block has a block parameter dialog box its own block parameter dialog box. To view the block parameters dialog box of a masked block, right-click the masked block and select Block Parameters (BlockType).

Look Under Block Mask

To see the block diagram under a masked Subsystem block, built-in block, or the model referenced by a masked model block, right-click the block and select Mask > Look Under Mask.

Remove Mask

To remove a mask from a block and delete:

  1. Right-click the block.

  2. Select Mask > Edit Mask.

    The Mask Editor opens and displays the existing mask, for example:

  3. Click Unmask in the lower left corner of the Mask Editor.

    The Mask Editor removes the mask from the block.

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