Operate on Performance Advisor Results

View Results

After you run checks with Performance Advisor, the right pane shows the results:

To view the results of a check, in the left pane, select the check you ran. The right pane updates with the results of the check. This pane has two sections.

The Analysis section contains:

  • Information about the check

  • Option to run the simulation

  • Settings to take action based on advice from Performance Advisor

  • Result of the check (Passed, Failed or Warning)

The Action section contains:

  • A setting to manually accept all recommendations for the check

  • Summary of actions taken based on the recommendations for the check

Respond to Results

Use the Take action based on advice parameter in the Analysis section to select how to respond to changes that Performance Advisor suggests.

  • Performance Advisor makes the change for you.

  • You can evaluate the changes using the links in the summary table.

  • The Modify All button in the Action section is grayed out since Performance Advisor has already made all recommended changes for you.

  • Performance Advisor does not make the change for you.

  • The links in the summary table show recommendations.

  • Use the Modify All button in the Action section to implement all recommendations after reviewing them. Depending on how you set your validation input parameters before you ran the check, the button label can change to Modify All and Validate.

Review the Actions Taken

The Action section contains a summary of the actions that Performance Advisor took based on the Input Parameters setting. If the tool also performed validation actions, this section lists the results in a summary table. If performance has not improved, Performance Advisor reports that it reinstated the model to the settings it had before the check ran.


The actions succeeded. The table lists the percentage of improvement.

The actions failed. For example, if Performance Advisor cannot make a recommended change, it flags it as failed. It also flags a check as failed if performance did not improve and reinstates the model to the settings it had before the check ran.

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