Partition Data Dictionary

This example shows how to partition a data dictionary into reference dictionaries that can be shared in a team.

Open dictionary for partitioning

  1. Open the Model Explorer. In the Simulink® Editor, select View > Model Explorer.

  2. Click File > Open.

    Browse and locate your dictionary.

Create reference dictionary

Use a reference dictionary to store a subset of entries from the main dictionary.

  1. Click File > New > Data Dictionary.

    Name the reference dictionary and save it.

    Both dictionaries appear as nodes in the Model Hierarchy pane.

  2. In the Model Hierarchy pane, select the dictionary that serves as the parent.

  3. In the dialog box pane, click Add Reference in the Referenced Dictionaries section. Browse to the location of the reference dictionary and add it as a reference.

Move entries into reference dictionary

  1. In the Model Hierarchy pane, select Design Data node of the parent dictionary.

  2. In the Contents pane, select the entries you want to move to the reference dictionary.

  3. For one of the selected entries, set DataSource to the reference dictionary using the dropdown menu. You can also drag and drop entries between dictionaries.

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