Printing Capabilities

Print Interactively or Programmatically

You can print a block diagram:

  • Interactively in the Simulink® Editor, by selecting File > Print

  • Programmatically, by using the MATLAB® print command

To control some additional aspects of printing a block diagram, use the set_param command with model parameters. You can use set_param with the interactive and programmatic printing interface.

Canvas Color

By default, the canvas (background) of the printed model is white. To match the color of the model, set the Simulink Preferences > Print preference.

Print Model Reports

In the Simulink Editor, you can generate a model report, which is an HTML document that describes the structure and content of a model. The report includes block diagrams of the model and its subsystems and the settings of its block parameters. To print the report, click File > Print > Print Details and specify report options. For more information, see Generate a Model Report.

If you have the Simulink Report Generator™ installed, you can generate a detailed report about a system and print it. To do so, in the Simulink Editor, select File > Reports > System Design Description. For more information, see System Design Description.

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