Rules for Promoting Parameters

General Rules

  • Some parameters with certain attributes cannot be promoted, and if you try, an error message appears.

  • After you promote a parameter to the mask, the following rule apply.

    • The parameter is disabled on the block dialog box. If you try to directly edit promoted parameters, either in the dialog or at the command line, an error message appears.

    • You cannot promote the same parameter again to a different mask parameter.

    • The mask parameter inherits the Evaluate property from the parameter promoted to it, and you cannot change it. Any mismatch between the Evaluate property of the mask parameter and the promoted parameter results in an error message.

Promotion from directly masked block

  • The mask parameter must have the same variable name as that of the parameter promoted to it. You cannot change the promoted mask parameter variable names because they are strictly inherited from the underlying built-in block parameter.

  • The mask tries to retain the dynamic dialog behavior, if any, of the promoted parameter. You can specify your own dynamic dialog behavior of the mask parameter. If you do, the mask first executes the dynamic dialog callback of the promoted parameter, followed by the user-specified dynamic dialog callback of the mask parameter.

  • You cannot promote multiple parameters to a single mask parameter.

Promotion from child blocks within subsystems

  • You can associate multiple parameters provided they are of the same type. If the parameter is of type popup or DataType then the options must also be the same for them to be promoted together. The Evaluate property among the parameters to be promoted together must be similar.

    View the tool tips on promotable parameters to see key fields such as Type and Evaluate.

  • If a child block is masked, you cannot promote the underlying block dialog parameters.

  • For child blocks, you cannot view or promote parameters from inside a masked block.

  • For child blocks, you cannot view or promote parameters from inside a linked block.

Links created from masked blocks

  • The underneath block dialog opens completely disabled for the links of masked blocks. You can edit values only from the mask dialog box.

  • If the mask author decides not to promote a parameter, its value in the linked blocks is tied to the library value for that parameter as specified in the library.

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