Run a Simulink Project Batch Job

  1. In Simulink® Project, in the Batch Job view, select the check boxes of project files you want to include in the batch job.

      Tip   If the batch function can identify the files to operate on, include all files. For example, the batch job function saveModelFiles in the airframe project checks that the file is a Simulink model and does nothing if it is not.

    To select multiple files, Shift or Ctrl+click, and then right-click a file and select Include or Exclude.

  2. Specify the batch function to run in the Batch function box. Enter the name, or click Select to browse or choose from a list of Batch Job shortcuts and recently used shortcuts.

    If your project does not yet contain any batch functions, see Create a Batch Function.

  3. Click Run Batch Job.

    Simulink Project displays the results in the Batch Job Results column.

  4. Expand the Results pane to view details of results for the currently selected file.

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