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Run Management and Configuration

The Simulation Data Inspector loads new simulation runs into the Inspect pane. You can configure how new runs are loaded into the Simulation Data Inspector and how runs are named.

Append New Runs

You can specify whether to add new runs in the Inspect pane at the top or bottom of the runs list. From the File section on the Visualize tab, click Preferences.

The New Run tab of the Preferences window has the options for configuring how new runs are added to the Inspect pane. The default configuration adds new runs to the bottom of the runs list.

To append new runs at the top of the list, click Add new runs at top.

Specify a Run Naming Rule

To specify how you would like the Simulation Data Inspector to name subsequent runs, open the New Run tab of Preferences. The default value for the New run naming rule is Run <run_index>: <model_name>.

To change the run naming rule, enter your desired options from the list of available parameters along with any other regular characters. For example, to include the simulation mode in subsequent run names, enter Run <run_index>: <model_name>: <sim_mode> in the New run naming rule box. With this rule, using model slexAircraftExample, the run name appears as Run 1: slexAircraftExample: normal.

Overwrite a Run

You can overwrite an existing run in the Inspect pane with Overwrite Run mode. To enable Overwrite Run mode, right-click the run you want to overwrite in the Inspect pane and select Overwrite Run. The overwrite symbol appears on the run to indicate that Overwrite Run mode is enabled.

When you simulate the model with a run in Overwrite Run mode, the data for the run is replaced with the new simulation run.

The run remains in overwrite mode until you disable it. To disable the overwrite mode, right-click the run and clear the check box next to Overwrite Run.

See Iterate Model Design with the Simulation Data Inspector for more information on howOverwrite Run mode can be used with signal logging in an iterative workflow.

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