Run Management Configuration

The Simulation Data Inspector loads new simulation runs into the Runs pane. You can configure how new runs are loaded into the Simulation Data Inspector.

Append New Runs

You can specify whether to add new runs in the Runs pane at the top or bottom of the runs list. From the Visualize tab, click Run Options to open the Run Options dialog.

In the Run Options dialog box, the default is set to add new runs to the bottom of the runs list.

To append new runs at the top of the list, click Add new runs at top.

Specify a Run Naming Rule

To specify run naming rules, click Run Options on the Visualize tab. In the Run Options dialog box, the default value for the Run naming rule is Run <run_index>: <model_name>.

To change the run name, enter available tokens from the list and any other regular characters. For example, to include all four tokens, enter the following in the Run naming rule box:

Run <run_index>: <model_name>: <time_stamp>: <sim_mode>

For model slexAircraftExample, the run name appears as follows:

Run 1: slexAircraftExample: 31-May-2014 10:50:18: normal

Overwrite a Run

You can overwrite an existing run in the Runs pane with the next simulation run.

  1. In the Runs pane, right-click the run name you want to overwrite and select Overwrite Run.

    The overwrite symbol appears on the run to be overwritten.

  2. Simulate the model.

    The data for the selected run is replaced with the new simulation run.

See Use Signal Streaming to Iterate Model Design for more information on how run overwrite can be used in combination with signal streaming.

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