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Run Performance Advisor Checks

Before running checks using Performance Advisor, make sure that you have completed the steps in Prepare a Model for Performance Advisor.

  1. After you have created a baseline measurement, select checks to run.

    • In the left pane of Performance Advisor, expand a folder, such as Simulation or Simulation Targets, to display checks related to specific tasks.

    • In the folder, select the checks you want to run using the check boxes.

        Tip   If you are unsure of which checks apply, you can select and run all checks. After you see the results, clear the checks you are not interested in.

  2. Specify input parameters for selected checks. Use one of these methods:

    • Apply global settings to all checks to take action, validate simulation time and validate simulation accuracy.

    • Alternatively, for each check, in the right pane, specify input parameters.

      Input ParameterDescription
      Take action based on advice

      automatically — Allow Performance Advisor to automatically make the change for you.

      manually — Review the changes first. Then manually make the changes or accept Performance Advisor recommendations.

      Validate and revert changes if time of simulation increases

      Select this check box to have Performance Advisor rerun the simulation and verify that the change made based on the advice improves simulation time. If the change does not improve simulation time, Performance Advisor reverts the changes.

      Validate and revert changes if degree of accuracy is greater than tolerance

      Select this check box to have Performance Advisor rerun the simulation and verify that, after the change, the model results are still within tolerance. If the result is outside tolerance, Performance Advisor reverts the changes.

      Quick estimation of model build time

      Select this check box to have Performance Advisor use the number of blocks of a referenced model to estimate model build time.

  3. To run a single check, click Run This Check from the settings for the check. Performance Advisor displays the results in the right pane.

    You can also select multiple checks from the left pane and click Run Selected Checks from the right pane. Select Show report after run to display the results of the checks after they run.

Performance Advisor also generates an HTML report of the current check results and actions in a file with a name in the form model_name\report_#.html

To view this report in a separate window, click the Report link in the right pane.

    Note:   If you rename a system, you must restart Performance Advisor to check that system.

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