Save, Open, and Compare Dependency Analysis Results

Simulink® Project saves the results of previous dependency analysis with your project. You can view previous results without having to run a time-consuming analysis again. The Graph view saves your layout and display selections.

You can also save results separately in named files and reload them.

You can save, open and compare dependency analysis results from any Dependency Analysis view, using the File section of the Dependency Analysis, Dependencies, or Impact tabs.

  • To save your results, click Save As and choose a file name and location.

    The Simulink Project saves your results as .graphml file

  • To open saved dependency analysis results, click Open.

  • To compare results with previously saved results, click Compare to Saved. Select a .graphml file to compare to the current results. Inspect the differences in the comparison report.

You can save reports with more detailed results by using model dependency analysis. For more information about choosing model or project dependency analysis, see What Is Dependency Analysis?.

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