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Search and Filter File Views

In Simulink® Project, use the search box or Filter button to specify the files to display. In all the file views, and in batch job and dependency analysis nodes, you can use the search box and filtering tools.

  • Type a search term in the search box, for example, part of a file name, or a file extension. You can use wildcards, for example, *.m, or *.m*.

    Click the x to clear the search.

  • Click the filter button to build a filter for the current view.

    In the Filter Builder dialog box you can select multiple filter criteria to apply using names, file types, project status, and labels. Press Ctrl to select multiple labels.

    The dialog box reports the resulting filter at the bottom, for example:

    Filter = file type is 'Model files (*.slx, *.mdl)' AND project status
     is 'In project' AND has label 'Engine Type:Diesel'

    When you click OK, the search box shows the filter that you are applying.

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