Select Modeling Objects

Select an Object

To select a modeling object (for example, a block or line), click it. When you place the cursor on a block, small black square handles appear at the corners of the block. Placing the cursor on a line highlights part of the line in blue.

Clicking a block or line highlights the whole object in blue. For example, the figure below shows a selected Sine Wave block.

Selecting an object by clicking it deselects any other selected objects.

Select Multiple Objects

To select more than one object, use one of these approaches:

  • Select objects one at a time.

  • Use a bounding box to select objects located near each other.

  • Select the entire model.

Select Multiple Objects One at a Time

To select more than one object by selecting each object individually, hold down the Shift key and click each object that you want to select.

To deselect a selected object, click the object again while holding down the Shift key.

Select Multiple Objects Using a Bounding Box

To select more than one object in the same area of the window, draw a bounding box around the objects. This type of selection is also known as "marquee selection" and "drag selection."

  1. Define the starting corner of a bounding box. Position the cursor (pointer) at one corner of the box, then press and hold the left mouse button.

  2. Drag the cursor to the opposite corner of the box. A blue rectangle encloses the selected blocks and lines.

  3. Release the mouse button. Simulink® selects all blocks and lines that are at least partially enclosed by the bounding box. For example, in the figure below, the bounding box enclosed at least part of the Sine Wave and the line from the Sine Wave block.

Select All Objects

To select all objects in the active window, select Edit > Select All.

    Note:   To create a subsystem, you cannot select all blocks and signals . For more information, see Create a Subsystem.

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