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Access the Linux Desktop Remotely Using VNC

You can remotely access the Linux® desktop on the PandaBoard hardware from another computer. This capability uses a client-server graphical desktop sharing system called Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

The PandaBoard firmware distributed by MathWorks® has a built-in VNC server called x11vnc. To remotely interact with the PandaBoard hardware, you can run a VNC client on a remote computer, open a VNC connection with x11vnc on the PandaBoard hardware.

To open a VNC session from MATLAB®:

  1. Create a physical network connection between your host computer and the PandaBoard hardware.

  2. In the MATLAB Command Window, create a connection to the PandaBoard hardware by entering:

    h = panda

    The command line responds with information about the PandaBoard hardware. For example:

    h = 
      Package: realtime.internal
            HostName: ''
            UserName: 'linaro'
            Password: 'linaro'
            BuildDir: '/home/linaro'
        PutilsFolder: [1x66 char]

    Enable the VNC server on the PandaBoard hardware by entering:

    h.execute('export DISPLAY=:0.0; xhost+; x11vnc -bg')

    When the VNC server is running, the command line displays:

    ans =
  3. Open a VNC viewer on your host system, and connect to the VNC server on the PandaBoard hardware.

  4. Log in to the operating system. The default user is linaro, and the default password is linaro.

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