Set Block Parameters

You can use the Simulink® set_param command to set the value of any Simulink block parameter. In addition, you can set many block parameters via Simulink dialog boxes and menus. These include:

  • Format menu

    The Simulink Editor's Diagram > Format menu allows you to specify attributes of the currently selected block that are visible on the model's block diagram, such as the block's name and color (see Change the Appearance of a Block for more information).

  • Block Properties dialog box

    Specifies various attributes that are common to all blocks (see Set Block Properties for more information).

  • Block Parameter dialog box

    Every block has a dialog box that allows you to specify values for attributes that are specific to that type of block. See Display a Block Parameter Dialog Box for information on displaying a block's parameter dialog box.

  • Model Explorer

    The Model Explorer allows you to quickly find one or more blocks and set their properties, thus facilitating global changes to a model, for example, changing the gain of all of a model's Gain blocks. See Model Explorer Overview for more information.

Display a Block Parameter Dialog Box

To open a block parameter dialog box, in the Simulink Editor, use one of these techniques:

  • Select the block and choose Block Parameters from the Diagram menu or from the block's context (right-click) menu.

  • Double-click a block.

  • From the block's context menu, select Block Properties. In the Block Properties dialog box, in the General tab, click Open Block.

    Note   Some blocks, such as Scope blocks, do not have a Block Parameters dialog box.

    Double-clicking a block or using the Block Properties dialog box Open Block link to open the Block Parameters dialog box works for all blocks that have parameter dialog boxes, except for Subsystem and Model blocks. Use the Simulink Editor Diagram menu or the block context menu to open the Block Parameters dialog box for Subsystem and Model blocks.

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