Signal and Scope Manager

About the Signal & Scope Manager

Using the Signal & Scope Manager you can manage viewers and generators from a central point.

    Note:   The Signal and Scope Manager requires that you have Java® enabled when you start MATLAB®.

Viewer and Generator

Symbols identify a viewer attached to a signal line and signal names identify generators. Manage viewers and generators using the Signal & Scope Manager.

Viewers and generators are not blocks. Blocks are dragged from the Library browser and managed with block dialog boxes.

Change Scope Viewer Parameters

  1. Open the Signal & Scope Manager.

  2. To the right side of the Generators and Viewers pane, click the Parameters button .

    • For a generator, the Generator Parameters dialog box opens.

    • For a viewer, a Viewer opens. From the viewer toolbar, select the parameters button . The Viewer parameters dialog box opens.

  3. Review and change parameters.

Viewing Test Point Data

Use a Scope viewer available from the Signal and Scope Manager to view any signal that is defined as a test point in a referenced model. A test point is a signal that you can always see when using a Scope viewer in a model.

    Note:   With some viewers (for example, XY Graph, To Video Display, Matrix Viewer, Spectrum Scope, and Vector Scope), you cannot use the Signal Selector to select signals with test points in referenced models.

For more information, see Test Points.

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