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Signal Generator Tasks

Attach Signal Generator

Using the Context Menu

  1. In the Simulink® Editor, right-click the input to a block.

  2. From the context menu, select Create & Connect Generator, the product, and then the generator you want as input to the block.

    The name of the generator you choose appears in a box connected to the block input.

  3. Right-click the generator name and select Generator Parameters. In the Generator Parameters dialog box, enter values for parameters that are specific to this generator.

Using the Signal and Scope Manager

  1. Right-click the input to a block and select Signal & Scope Manager.

  2. In the Types pane and under the Generators node, expand a product node to show the available generators.

  3. Select a generator and click Attach to model.

    The generator is added to a table in the Generators tab in the Generators/Viewers in model section. The table lists the generators in your model.

Attach and Remove Signal Generator

  1. Right-click a generator icon on a signal line.

  2. From the context menu, select Disconnect Generator.

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