Specify Simulation Start and Stop Time

By default, simulations start at 0.0 s and end at 10.0 s.


In the Simulink® software, time and all related parameters (such as sample times) are implicitly in seconds. If you choose to use a different time unit, scale all parameters accordingly.

The Solver configuration pane allows you to specify other start and stop times for the currently selected simulation configuration. See Solver Pane for more information. On computers running the Microsoft® Windows® operating system, you can also specify the simulation stop time in the Simulation menu.


Simulation time and actual clock time are not the same. For example, if running a simulation for 10 s usually does not take 10 s as measured on a clock. The amount of time it actually takes to run a simulation depends on many factors including the complexity of the model, the step sizes, and the computer speed.

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