Start the Simulink Software

Open the MATLAB Software

To start the Simulink® software, first start the MATLAB® technical computing environment. For details about starting MATLAB, see Startup and Shutdown.

Open the Library Browser

To start Simulink Library Browser from MATLAB, use one of these approaches:

  • On the MATLAB toolbar, click the Simulink button ( ).

  • At the MATLAB prompt, enter the simulink command.

The Library Browser opens. It displays a tree-structured view of the Simulink block libraries installed on your system. The Simulink library window displays icons representing the pre-installed block libraries.

    Note   On computers running the Windows® operating system, you can display the Simulink library window by right-clicking the Simulink node in the Library Browser window.

To create models, copy blocks from the Library Browser into a model window in the Simulink Editor.

Open the Simulink Editor

Use one of the following approaches to open the Simulink Editor:

  • Open an existing model. For example, at the MATLAB prompt, enter the name of a model. For details, see Open an Existing Model.

  • In the Library Browser, select File > Open. Choose a model or enter the file name of the model.

  • At the MATLAB prompt, use the open_system command. For example, to open a model named vdp:


    Note:   To have the Simulink Editor display properly, use 32-bit color mode.

    Typically, remote desktop connections (for example, a VNC connection) use a default color mode of 16-bits or less.

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