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Model Browser

About the Model Browser

The Model Browser enables you to

  • Navigate a model hierarchically

  • Open systems in a model

  • Determine the blocks contained in a model

    Note   The browser is available only on Microsoft® Windows® platforms.

To display the Model Browser, in the Simulink® Editor, select View > Model Browser > Show Model Browser.

The model window splits into two panes. The left pane displays the browser, a tree-structured view of the block diagram displayed in the right pane.

    Note   The Browser initially visible preference causes Simulink to open models by default in the Model Browser. To set this preference, in the Simulink Editor, select File > Simulink Preferences.

The top entry in the tree view corresponds to your model. A button next to the model name allows you to expand or contract the tree view. The expanded view shows the model's subsystems. A button next to a subsystem indicates that the subsystem itself contains subsystems. You can use the button to list the subsystem's children. To view the block diagram of the model or any subsystem displayed in the tree view, select the subsystem. You can use either the mouse or the keyboard to navigate quickly to any subsystem in the tree view.

Navigating with the Mouse

Click any subsystem visible in the tree view to select it. Click the + button next to any subsystem to list the subsystems that it contains. Click the button again to contract the entry.

Navigating with the Keyboard

Use the up/down arrows to move the current selection up or down the tree view. Use the left/right arrow or +/- keys on your numeric keypad to expand an entry that contains subsystems.

Showing Library Links

The Model Browser can include or omit library links from the tree view of a model. Use the Preferences dialog box to specify whether to display library links by default. To toggle display of library links, select View > Model Browser > Include Library Links.

Showing Masked Subsystems

The Model Browser can include or omit masked subsystems from the tree view. If the tree view includes masked subsystems, selecting a masked subsystem in the tree view displays its block diagram in the diagram view. Use the Preferences dialog box to specify whether to display masked subsystems by default. To toggle display of masked subsystems, select View > Model Browser > Include Systems with Mask Parameters.

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