Model Explorer: Property Dialog Pane

What You Can Do with the Dialog Pane

You can use the Dialog pane to view and change properties of objects that you select in the Model Hierarchy pane or in the Contents pane.

Showing and Hiding the Dialog Pane

By default, the Dialog pane appears in the Model Explorer, to the right of the Contents pane. To show or hide the Dialog pane, use one of these approaches:

  • From the View menu, select Show Dialog Pane.

  • From the main toolbar, click the Dialog View button ( ).

Editing Properties in the Dialog Pane

To edit property values using the Dialog pane:

  1. In the Contents pane, select an object (such as a block or signal). The Dialog pane displays the properties of the object you selected.

  2. Change a property (for example, the port number of an Outport block) in the Dialog pane.

  3. Click Apply to accept the change, or click Revert to return to the original value.

By default, clicking outside a dialog box with unapplied changes causes the Apply Changes dialog box to appear:

Click Apply to accept the changes or Ignore to revert to the original settings.

To prevent display of the Apply Changes dialog box:

  1. In the dialog box, click the In the future Apply or Ignore (whichever I select) without asking check box.

  2. If you want Simulink® to apply changes without warning you, press Apply. If you want Simulink to ignore changes without warning you, press Ignore.

To restore display of the Apply Changes dialog box, from the Tools menu, select Prompt if dialog has unapplied changes.

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