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Performance Advisor Window

When you open Performance Advisor, it displays two panes.

In the left pane, the performance checks you can run are stored in folders. Expand the folders to see the checks within and select checks to run. You can search for folders and checks using Find above the pane.

Use the right pane to:

  • Understand the Performance Advisor workflow

  • Set up the model to run checks

  • Select actions to apply generated advice and validate check results

  • Learn more about each check

  • Specify input parameters

  • Run checks

  • View and save reports

  • View Performance Advisor results

After you run a check, Performance Advisor displays the results in the right pane. The right pane changes depending on the check you have selected.

SelectionRight Pane Display
FolderAnalysis pane, containing:
  • Run Selected Checks button — Click to run the selected checks in the folder and its subfolders.

  • Show report after run check box — Select to display an HTML report of the check results in a separate window.

Report pane, containing:
  • Link to HTML report of check results

  • Save As button — Click to export the HTML report to a specific location

Tips and Legend panes, containing brief descriptions on using the checks.
CheckAnalysis pane, containing:
  • Input Parameters section — Before running checks, specify how you want checks to run (for more information, see Run Performance Advisor Checks).

  • Result section — Display results after a check runs.

Action pane, containing:
  • Modify button — After the check runs, Performance Advisor suggests actions to take to improve performance. Click here to accept the recommendations and modify the model.

  • Result section — Display results after performing recommended actions.

From Performance Advisor, you can also run:

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