Variable-Size Signal Limitations

The following table is a list of known limitations and workarounds.

Array format logging does not support variable-size signals.Use a Structure or Structure With Time format for logging variable-size signals.
Right-click signal logging does not support variable-size signals.Use a To Workspace block (with Structure or Structure With Time format) or a root Outport block for logging variable-size signals.
A frame-based variable-size signal cannot change the frame length (first dimension size), but it can change the second dimension size (number of channels). Using frame-based signals requires DSP System Toolbox™ software.Use the Frame Conversion block to convert a signal into sample-based signal.
Variable-size signals must have a discrete sample time.
Embedded Coder® does not support variable-size signals with ERT S-functions, custom storage classes, function prototype control, the AUTOSAR, C++ interface, and the ERT reusable code interface.
Simulink® does not support variable-size parameter or DWork vectors.
Rapid accelerator mode does not support models having root-level input ports with variable-size signals.

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