View and Revert Changes to Dictionary Entries

This example shows how to view unsaved changes to dictionary entries, who made them, and when. You can view changes to entries in any section, including data stored in the Other Data section and configuration sets stored in the Configurations section.

  1. Open the sldemo_fuelsys_dd_controller model.

  2. Open the data dictionary linked to this model by clicking the data dictionary badge in the bottom left corner of each model.

  3. In the Contents pane, change st_range to 0.0002 and zero_thresh to 200.

    The Status column of these entries changes to Mod, indicating that they have been modified.

  4. Click the heading of the Status column to sort the entries. Then, select the modified entries, which are indicated by the Mod status.

  5. Right-click and select Show Changes.

    The Comparison Tool appears, displaying changed entries in separate tabs. The tool highlights changed values.

  6. In the Contents pane of the Model Explorer, right-click zero_thresh and select Revert to Saved.

    Simulink® reverts zero_thresh to its value at the time of the last save action.

  7. You can merge entries between dictionaries using the Comparison Tool. From the MATLAB® desktop, on the Home tab, in the File section, click Compare.

  8. Select the dictionaries to compare and merge.

  9. In the comparison report, select the merge direction for each dictionary entry.

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