Use Performance Advisor Reports

View Performance Advisor Reports

When Performance Advisor runs checks, it generates HTML reports of the results. To view a report, select a folder in the left pane and click the link in the Report box in the right pane.

As you run checks, Performance Advisor updates the reports with the latest information for each check in the folder. Time stamps indicate when checks ran.

In the pane for global settings, when you select Show report after run, Performance Advisor displays a consolidated set of check results in the report.

You can perform these actions using the Performance Advisor report:

  • Use the check boxes under Filter checks to view only the checks with the status that you are interested in viewing. For example, to see only the checks that failed or gave warnings, clear the Passed and Not Run check boxes.

  • Perform a keyword search using the search box under Filter checks.

  • Use the tree of checks under Navigation to jump to the category of checks or a specific check result that interests you.

  • Expand and collapse content in the right pane of the report to view or hide check results.

Some checks have input parameters that you specify in the right pane of Performance Advisor. For example, Identify resource intensive diagnostic settings has several input parameters. When you run checks that have input parameters, Performance Advisor displays the values of the input parameters in the report.

Save Performance Advisor Reports

You can archive a Performance Advisor report by saving it to a new location. Performance Advisor does not update the saved version of a report when you run checks again. Archived reports serve as good points of comparison when you run checks again.

  1. In the left pane of the Performance Advisor window, select the folder of checks for the report you want to save.

  2. In the Report box, click Save As.

  3. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to where you want to save the report, and click Save. Performance Advisor saves the report to the new location.

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